‘Unlikely’ Voice to Parliament will benefit living conditions for Indigenous people: Sheridan

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‘Unfair’ the way Lady Hussey has been ‘callously painted as some sort of racist’

[ad_1] Writer and Broadcaster Esther Krakue says the way the Queen’s former lady-in-waiting Susan Hussey has been “callously painted as some sort of racist” is unfair. Lady Hussey questioned charity boss Ngozi Fulani on where she was from while attending an event at Buckingham Place on Tuesday. “We have to bear in mind this woman … Read more

Majority of Americans ‘concerned’ about Biden’s mental health

[ad_1] The Daily Caller’s White House Correspondent Diana Glebova says the majority of Americans are “concerned” about US President Joe Biden’s mental health. “It might be concerning that he’s the oldest president in US history and he’s possibly showing signs of being mentally unfit,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray. “But if you dare … Read more

Vaping trends ‘absolutely explode in popularity’

[ad_1] City of Sydney Councillor Linda Scott says vape use “absolutely exploded in popularity” in Sydney, with young people not necessarily knowing what they are doing to their health. “You can’t walk down the street now in Sydney without seeing young people vaping,” she told Sky News host Paul Murray. “I don’t think it’s correct … Read more

Voice to Parliament is suggesting ‘democracy we have isn’t working’: Jacinta Nampijinpa Price

[ad_1] CLP Senator Jacinta Nampijinpa Price says the Voice to Parliament is suggesting the “democracy we have isn’t working”. Ms Price said it also suggests it “isn’t capable of serving Aboriginal Australians because we’re ‘special needs, we’re a special needs bunch’ that need some other provisions that we don’t even have detail on”. “Nobody knows … Read more

‘Will this retrial even go ahead?’ Shane Drumgold to deliver statement on Higgins case tomorrow

[ad_1] Sky News host Andrew Bolt says the ACT Director of Public Prosecutions Shane Drumgold will not be taking questions when he delivers “a short media statement” about the Bruce Lehrmann case on Friday morning. “My questions already are – will this retrial even go ahead?” Mr Bolt said. “And if so, under what conditions?” … Read more

Labor doesn’t seem to ‘have the understanding’ to run a business

[ad_1] Deputy Liberal Leader Sussan Ley says the Albanese government doesn’t seem to “have the understanding” to run a business as the IR bill is set to pass the Senate this week. “I’ve been speaking to Chambers of Commerce and industries that are meeting this week, and they haven’t had any comfort from the Albanese … Read more

Citizens of China fed up with Xi Jinping’s Zero-COVID restrictions

[ad_1] Defence Intelligence Analyst Paul Monk says Xi Jinping has doubled down on surveillance and suppression, which has fuelled confrontation with China’s citizens. “The regime has always been a regime of lies, suppression, propaganda and surveillance, and Xi Jinping has doubled down on all of that,” Mr Monk told Sky News host Chris Kenny. “What … Read more